After being gifted a three-class pass to a new yoga studio in 2010, I discovered a passion for yoga and meditation that wasn‘t anticipated. Yoga quickly proved the kernel of change that enabled a full lifestyle pivot, resulting in a healthier body, mind and spirit.

I believe that yoga provides the foundation for becoming the best possible you. Fueled by the desire to help others explore and discover their best selves, I earned a 200-hr RYT in Fluid Yoga with Kevan Gale of Stil Studio in Dedham, MA. Through Bodhi & Mind, I am also certified to deliver cancer-informed yoga and meditation instruction. In 2015 I also earned a SPA Yoga certification with Betty Riaz of Stil Studio. Fluid Yoga also allowed me to expand my practice and teaching in 2016, with an RYT 500 Certification.

My classes blend strong foundational knowledge with an infectious joie de vie, free spirit and ready laughter for an experience that is fulfilling, comprehensive and fun. Consciously and unconsciously, personally and professionally, I am a natural “people developer,” coaching others to achieve their aspirations. I am honored to apply this same support to yoga students, in a practice that organically helps us evolve into our best selves.

EXPERIENCE - 2014-2017

  • RYT 500 Certified by the Yoga Alliance, 2016
  • RYT200 Certified by the Yoga Alliance, 2014
  • Studio classes, 2014 - present: Fluid Vinyasa/Vinyasa Flow, SPA Yoga, Fundamentals Flow
  • Workshops: Yoga Essentials, Beginners’ Yoga
  • Corporate meditation and asana practice, 2014 to present
  • Private yoga classes, Dharma and meditation, 2015 to present

  • PAU WEIRA – The Story

    New Zealand was never on my bucket list of places to visit. Yet in 1997, after saving my pennies and vacation minutes for years, I had the chance to travel out into the wild and study dolphins. And that chance, a scientific study of Dusky Dolphins, happened to be located off the coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Guidebook packed, hiking boots attached to my backpack, I was all in.

    Already a fan of New Zealand’s musical genius, Neil Finn, I was gob-smacked after barely stepping one foot on local soil. The people, history, sometimes crazy landscape, green-blue ocean (frigidly cold in November, btw), mountains, rainforest … and the many dolphins and whales I witnessed in their natural habitat were so awe-inspiring I could almost ignore the jet lag. (Excepting that one day I crashed for three hours).

    The three weeks I spent in New Zealand provided a critical glimpse into the art of the possible for my life. Which is why, with honor and respect for the Maori culture, I loosely translated “song of the whale” to Pau Weira, representing the fact that music, cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and New Zealand have been incredibly influential to me … and will continue to be as I carry on with this journey we call life.

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